Biliana Popova attorney at law

Studio Legale „Popova & Partners”

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria Str. "Positano" 9, bl.1, entr.B, floor 5, office 16

tel./fax +359.2.988.04.69, +359 897.933.559

Online consulting

In order to have online legal consultation, you need to follow the steps described below:

1. Use the request form in order to get detailed consultation/ to get familiar with documents, case study and provision of opinion or written statement;

2. You will receive a message to the email you have specified, which states the conditions and the specific price of the online legal consultation. If necessary, additional information can be requested necessary for the complete clarification of the case.

3. The price of the legal consultation depends on the complexity of the legal case and on the time required for its solution, whereas the minimum price is BGN 100,00, VAT exclusive (BGN 120,00 VAT inclusive) per hour. If consultation should be made in foreign language, the minimum charge is EUR 120,00, VAT exclusive.

4. Consultation is provided in writing in electronic way, by sending an electronic document to the email you have specified within 3 business days after the date of confirmation of the payment so made.