Mediation is voluntary, informal and confidential procedure for dispute settlement, where a third independent person – mediator, helps the opposing parties to reach mutually acceptable agreement based on their own will.

Attorney-at-law Bilyana Popova is registered as a mediator and:

  • Presents the procedure and rules that the parties agree to observe;
  • Hears the points of view and opinions of each of the parties, without expressing any opinion or conclusion related to the dispute;
  • Helps the parties to clarify the reasons for the dispute, in general, by focusing the discussion mainly on their interest, and not on their legal positions;
  • Facilitates the communication between the opposing parties and transforms the discrepancies within the dispute into cooperation for its solution;
  • May support the opposing parties by outlining the conditions of the agreement they have reached, so that the parties could make a written agreement.

Benefits of mediation

  • The parties define their interests and priorities by themselves;
  • The parties control the procedure result by themselves;
  • Mediation keeps and restores the relations between the parties;
  • Dispute settlement through mediation is time saving;
  • Mediation is cheaper than court proceedings;
  • Mediation is done in nice and amicable environment at party’s convenience;
  • Discussions, meetings and agreements between the parties are confidential;
  • There is a high rate of reaching agreements through mediation and dispute settlement without bringing lawsuits;
  • Mediation is a procedure, which does not require imposing other’s will on opposing party and ensures win-win solution. It is aimed at making the parties to reach agreement with the help of the mediator and to solve the case in amicable way.