Providing legal services to foreigners. Foreign investments

Lots of foreign natural persons and legal entities and Bulgarian companies with foreign participation are our clients.

We provide the following services:

  • Preparation of documents for marriages between Bulgarian and foreign citizens, as well as for receiving documents for permission for residence of foreign nationals, preparation of documents for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship.  
  • Preparation and processing of documents regarding obtaining temporary, long-term or permanent residence permissions on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.  
  • Registration of legal entities with foreign participation in the Republic of Bulgaria.  
  • Subscription legal service for business companies and any kind of non-profit associations with regard to the realisation of their activities in the country.  
  • Consultation and representation of foreign natural persons and/or legal entities in negotiations regarding the contracts signed by them.
  • Defense of legal rights and interests before all competent Bulgarian institutions and provision of procedural representation.
  • Consulting on real estate deals.
  • Performing legal and factual actions for inclusion of property in the capital of commercial company. Procedure of in-kind contribution.