Our clients are companies, traders, associations, sports associations and alliances, plenty of economic organizations, performing activities in various spheres, as well as lots of local and foreign entities including:

  • Companies with investments in development of real estates, sales, exploitation;
  • Various consulting companies;
  • Investments, construction and exploitation of wind and hydroelectric power-plants.
  • Trade and production of electrical materials;
  • Production and trade of metals and their manufacturing;
  • Commercial agencies;
  • Tour operators and  travel agents;
  • Energy companies implementing activity in the area of power industry and  production of all kinds of energy;
  • Retail and wholesale;
  • Non-profit organizations performing socially useful activities, as well as performing private and scientific activity, sport associations and organizations;
  • Various associations and organizations to various administrations and institutions;
  • Transport and shipping local and foreign companies and associations;
  • International state authorities and associations including associations of commercial companies and their agencies;
  • Industrial activity in the sphere of light industry (clothing, shoes), food, wine industries, restaurant and hotel management, metal processing.
  • Co-operation and partnership with local and foreign accounting companies;
  • Movie  studios and film production companies;
  • Foreign legal entities and natural persons including state authorities;
  • Lots of local and foreign natural persons, who need legal assistance, consultation and procedural representation, are also our clients.
  • Several commercial and industrial chambers in Italy and their departments abroad are our clients.

Popova and Partners Law Office is orientated to render legal consulting and services to local and foreign corporate clients, therefore the commercial law is our preferred field. The interests of our clients extended and broadened the trends of our development in all business spheres and law with special accent on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments, concessions, tax law, corporate finance, law of property, telecommunications, intellectual property, administrative law, and procedure representation.

We afford an opportunity for monthly subscription services, depending of clients’ requirements and needs.