Procedural representation

We prefer prevention to court dispute; therefore we strive to achieve settlement of disputes out of court – by negotiations, voluntarily execution, agreements etc. Although we prefer to avoid legal procedures, when the contractual relations of our clients require lawsuit, when their rights or legal interests are breached or threatened, we are always ready to defend them in all instances of proceedings. We represent our clients in settlement of disputes before Bulgarian courts and special jurisdictions, before institutional arbitration courts and ad hoc tribunals, before Bulgarian arbitration courts, consult them for arbitration clauses in their contracts, we achieve out of court settlements, and also before court institutions abroad and particularly in Italy, Switzerland, Macedonia, Germany, Serbia and other European countries. Members of our team have experience in all areas of civil procedure – civil, commercial, labour, tax and other administrative cases, proceedings for admitting of execution of foreign court and arbitration decisions in Bulgaria.

Our office provides procedural representation on action, security and executive proceedings, as we strive for defend the rights and interests of our clients. In security proceedings we aim to take all necessary actions for saving debtor’s property and restraining his/her right to dispose of it, in order to protect creditor’s interests.

Lawyers in Popova and Partners represent clients on various civil, commercial, financial and industrial disputes, including banking and financial disputes, disputes related to protection of competition and execution of foreign court and arbitration decisions, as well as any kind of disputes related to the proceedings for collection of debts, including initiation of court enforcement proceedings and protection of the rights of the clients involved as parties to such proceedings.

In the course of work, attorney-at-law Bilyana Popova works in close cooperation with specialists from different fields, such as accountants, notary publics, real estate agencies, brokers, architects, designers with different specialties, construction supervision, licensed valuators, financiers, translators from Italian, English, Russian, German, Czech, and other European languages.